Strong Hips & Core for Moms

FREE! Two week program specifically designed to improve the strength of a mom's core and hip muscles.

  • Quick "do anywhere" 15-minute circuits
  • Follow along videos
  • No fancy equipment required
  • All training abilities
  • Works glutes, hip stabilizers, deep core muscles, abdominals, pelvic floor

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I specialize in training women, specifically moms. 

I know a mom's body and understand what makes us feel weak. 

This program is the exact arsenal of exercises I use with my personal training clients to help them improve the strength of their glutes, hip flexors, deep core muscles, abs, and back. 

After two diligent weeks with these exercises, you will notice less back, hip and knee pain, and significantly improved tone through your entire core. 

Why hips and core?

As a mom, our hip joints and core muscles can feel completely thrashed after having babies.

We feel like the muscles don't know how to fire anymore.

Everything feels saggy and sad, not firm and strong.

Our back, hips, and knees might even ache on a regular basis.

Your hips and core muscles determine everything.

But you have to train them right.

Avoid the hype of planking and sit-up challenges. They'll make it all worse, trust me. 

You need targeted, specific strengthening that's designed for a mom's body. 

You might be used to workouts that just pound you into the ground and say they're making you stronger. This will feel different, on purpose.

You will get stronger. Differently.

It's important that your body begins by learning good breathing mechanics. And then it has to learn how to control the posture of your pelvis, how to get your glutes to fire properly, and how to maintain precise positioning during bracing exercises (like planks) and moving exercises (like squats).

It might feel slow at times, but trust the process. It works.

Take your time, follow along diligently, and you'll notice the subtle yet important changes to your back, abs, glutes and even knees.

With Strong Hips & Core you get...

Week One

Circuit of 9 specific exercises that teach you good breathing mechanics, pelvic positioning, deep core activation, glute firing, perfect planks, and squat technique.



Week Two

Circuit of 9 specific exercises that build upon what you learned in week one. More glute strengthening and ab activation. More challenging planks and movement drills.



For both weeks, you'll have follow-along videos to guide you through the whole circuit. You'll know exactly what to do. Each circuit of exercises performed twice through only takes 15 minutes.



After just two weeks, you'll know how to properly do a plank, how to breathe correctly, how to do a good squat, and more. You'll even learn the best exercises for the miniband!

*It's important to note that this program is not a substitution for seeking out medical advice. While these exercises have a great track record dealing with mild functional issues that may lead to pain, more serious back, hip, knee issues should be addressed with your physician and/or physical therapist.

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